The EUBIROD approach presented at the 3rd European Public Health Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 12th November 2010

The theme of the 3rd Conference organized by the European Public Health Association in Amsterdam, 10th-13th November 2010, was "Integrated Public Health".
Several contributions were presented by the EUBIROD Consortium on the 12th November.
In the framework of the workshop "Making optimal use of individual health records for public health monitoring and research in a privacy respecting manner: current developments and best practices", T.Di Iorio has presented on behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium: "Cross-border flow of health information: is "privacy by design" sufficient to obtain complete and accurate data for public health in Europe? The case of BIRO/EUBIROD diabetes registers.
Further contributions included an oral presentation by F.Carinci: "A European model for the automatic production of standardized performance indicators: the BIRO statistical engine", and a poster led by F.Storms on behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium: "Towards a European Diabetes Information System: twenty years of progress from St.Vincent Declaration to EUDIP, EUCID, BIRO and EUBIROD. Are we getting closer?".
Full agenda for the day is available here.

BIRO and EUBIROD podium presentation at the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, Boston, USA, 29th June 2010

For 26 years, Academy Health's Annual Research Meeting (ARM) has been the premier forum for health services research, where more than 2,300 attendees gather to discuss health policy implications, sharpen research methods, and network with colleagues from around the world. The BIRO/EUBIROD projects list among the few European projects attracting the attention of the premier US Conference in this field. On Tuesday 29th June, under the theme "Quality and Efficiency: Measurement", Fabrizio Carinci has presented on behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium: "A Novel International Framework for Privacy-Enhanced Data Processing, Exchange, and Pooled Analysis of Disease Registers: The European BIRO/EUBIROD Projects"
Full agenda for the day is available here.

Special BIRO Academy Meeting, Rome 4-5 June 2010

Representatives of diabetes registers from 20 EU countries delivered for the first time an automatic European Report at a special EUBIROD meeting in Rome, 4-5 June 2010. Main theme of the meeting was "COORDINATED INFORMATION DELIVERY FROM DIABETES REGISTERS TO IMPROVE QUALITY AND OUTCOMES IN EUROPE". The agenda included a policy session with high representatives of the EUBIROD Consortium, the IDF and the Italian Ministry of Health, followed by a series of groundbreaking presentations on the results obtained by EUBIROD partners using the BIRO system. All presentations from this session are available here. During the second day, results were amalgamated and the software was run live, to produce the first draft of the global European Diabetes Report. The successful application of the BIRO system in Rome paves the way for the final deployment of a stable release and the planned production of the first official report by late 2010. Results will be presented at the annual EUBIROD Meeting planned to take place at IDF, Brussels, December 2010.

The BIRO system presented at the EU 2010 Conference on Health Services Research

The abstract "A novel framework for the routine production of EU indicators: the BIRO system" (Carinci, Baglioni, Di Iorio, Rossi, Azzopardi, Beck, Cunningham, Skeie, Olympios, Pruna, Massi Benedetti on behalf of the BIRO Consortium) has been presented at the European Working Conference on Health Services Research, 8-9th April 2010, The Hague, the Netherlands.
The Conference is an initiative supported by the FP7 programme of the European Commission with the aim of identifying, evaluating and improving the contribution of Health Services Research to the health policy process in Europe. Instead of being a classic "ten-minute paper presentation conference", the agenda provided health services researchers and policy makers with a unique opportunity to discuss and develop high impact research for Europe. Full text of the abstract is available here.

BIRO and EUBIROD presented at the IDF World Diabetes Congress 2009

Results of the BIRO project have been presented in an oral session at the IDF World Diabetes Congress 2009, Montreal, Canada, on 21th October. A webcast of the presentation "A novel standard to support information delivery for the fulfilment of IDF policy in Europe: results of the EU DG SANCO funded BIRO project" (Carinci, Azzopardi, Baglioni, Beck, Cunningham, Skeie, Olympios, Pruna, Traynor, Massi Benedetti on behalf of the BIRO Consortium) is available here.
EUBIROD was presented in a poster discussion on "Monitoring diabetes outcomes across Europe, and beyond: the EU DG SANCO funded EUBIROD project".

BIRO nominated among the six best Public Health European projects at the Gastein European Health Forum 2009

The BIRO project was shortlisted for the European Health Award at the Gastein Health Forum 2009 (30/9-3/10/2009) by a high profile evaluation committee. The project was considered among the best six initiatives "in more than one European country that have contributed in a clear and significant way to meet challenges in public health and to ameliorating disparities in health services provision within Europe".
According to John Bowis, former UK Minister of Health, Member of European Parliament, and a strong global advocate of diabetes policy, BIRO presented a "satisfying technical workflow, which fulfilled data privacy requirements and was successfully run in 40 months". The full presentation can be downloaded here.

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