1st Annual EUBIROD meeting

Dasman Center for Research and Treatment of Diabetes, Kuwait City

Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2nd-4th May 2009


F. Carinci, University of Perugia, Italy

First BIRO Academy Residential Course, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2nd May 2009


The EUBIROD project, co-funded by the European Commission, started in September 2008 to implement a sustainable European Diabetes Register through the coordination of existing national/regional frameworks and the systematic use of the BIRO technology developed in the BIRO project.

In this presentation, Dr.Fabrizio Carinci, senior biostatistician, presents the main features of the project. A total of 22 participants from 20 European states, plus the Dasman Institute from Kuwait, will be connected through the system to safely collect aggregated data and produce systematic EU reports for diabetes indicators.

The workplan includes the following tasks: secure and privacy-safe data collection; development of epidemiological techniques to compute standardized diabetes indicators; development of a customized toolbox to facilitate the connection process and the transfer of technology; dissemination and training through the activity of BIRO Academy, which will establish an e-learning platform and residential training courses; evaluation, made by international experts, of completeness and information content of the statistical reports.

Fabrizio, who is involved in the project as a leader of the epidemiological analysis for Serectrix, describes how by August 2011, the project is planned to ensure the establishment of a stable network for data exchange at the international level and the creation of a common framework for standardized measurements whose users will be specifically trained. He anticipates that the main result arising from the project will be the annual production of the European Diabetes Report, consisting of an analysis of quality of care and outcomes in diabetes using standardized criteria on top of a database of over 500,000 subjects. The report will include a discussion of the results, targeted at providing valuable input for European policy makers, health care and scientific organization, citizens.

In his conclusions, Dr.Carinci remarks that the EUBIROD project further develops the platform established by BIRO and EUCID, whose results have raised the interest of the European Commission. The progress will advance the construction of a unique diabetes information system that can be used in Europe and beyond, realizing a possible model for the automatic production of global IDF reports.