The EUBIROD Project


The general objective of the project was to establish a European Diabetes Register through the extension of the BIRO network and the use of related technology.

The project, including 22 associated partners and collaborating institutions, was aimed to ensure wide European geographical coverage through the participation of a total of 20 regions from at least 20 countries.

The main product arising from the project has been the European Diabetes Report: an analysis of quality of care and outcomes in diabetes based on standardized criteria and a reference population of over 100,000 subjects.

To fulfill the general objective, partners proposed a plan based on the following rationale:

  • establishment of a stable framework for the production of diabetes information through the use of a common dataset

  • adoption of high standards for privacy protection

  • dissemination of a customised software toolbox that can be efficiently used by new registers

  • evaluation of the results compiled by high level experts involved in the project, targeted at providing valuable input for European policy makers

Specific objectives

The general objective has been pursued through the realization of the following specific objectives:

  • training of all partners and collaborating institutions not yet experienced in the BIRO approach

  • revision of the BIRO dataset format based on different schemes, to develop an expanded database engine and to deploy specialised software

  • revision of privacy issues in a wider context and deployment of a specialised triaining material for the BIRO Academy

  • expansion of the BIRO statistical engine and deployment of a specialized training material for the BIRO Academy

  • development of a customized toolbox and deployment of a specialized training material for the BIRO Academy

  • establishment of the BIRO Academy, i.e. an e-learning platform and residential training sessions of European Diabetes Register once per year

  • finalisation of the annual EUBIROD Diabetes Report including recommendations for policy makers

Outputs of EUBIROD Project have been planned to support improved information at both the micro and the macro levels: they were aimed at facilitating activities for planning and management of diabetes care in regional health systems, delivering European institutions information directly applicable at the Community level.