The EUBIROD Project


  • 26-27thAugust 2011, EUBIROD Final Meeting Brussels, Belgium

  • The Third Annual Meeting included an explanation of the study design and a series of clinical appraisals of BIRO reports from 18 EU countries. Presentations revised in an academic style the literature on specific topics of quality of care of diabetes, covering all indicators delivered by the BIRO System.

  • 22-25thJanuary 2011, EUBIROD 2011 Annual Meeting Brussels, Belgium

  • The Annual Meeting included presentations of BIRO reports from 18 countries, followed by the Second BIRO Academy Residential Course organized in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation. Lectures from a faculty of distinguished speakers, including Prof.John Lachin from George Washington University and the EU Commissioner John Dalli, were performed to support better planning of diabetes information in Europe and beyond. The international audience including representatives from Barbados, China, Cuba, Lebanon and Tanzania.

  • 12thNovember 2010, 3rdEuropean Public Health Conference, EUPHA 2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • The following contributions have been presented on behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium: T.Di Iorio, "Cross-border flow of health information: is "privacy by design" sufficient to obtain complete and accurate data for public health in Europe? The case of BIRO/EUBIROD diabetes registers" (Workshop); F.Carinci, "A European model for the automatic production of standardized performance indicators: the BIRO statistical engine" (Oral Presentation); F.Storms, "Towards a European Diabetes Information System: twenty years of progress from St.Vincent Declaration to EUDIP, EUCID, BIRO and EUBIROD. Are we getting closer?" (poster).

  • 29thJune 2010, Academy Health Research Meeting 2010 Boston, USA

  • On behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium, F.Carinci presented under the theme "Quality and Efficiency: Measurement" the abstract "A Novel International Framework for Privacy-Enhanced Data Processing, Exchange, and Pooled Analysis of Disease Registers: The European BIRO/EUBIROD Projects"


  • EUBIROD partners presented the results of the application of the BIRO System

  • 8th-9thApril 2010, European Working Conference on Health Services Research, 8-9th April 2010, The Hague, the NETHERLANDS

  • The abstract "A novel framework for the routine production of EU indicators: the BIRO system" (Carinci, Baglioni, Di Iorio, Rossi, Azzopardi, Beck, Cunningham, Skeie, Olympios, Pruna, Massi Benedetti on behalf of the BIRO Consortium) has been presented as a poster

  • 19th-20nd November 2009, First EUBIROD Technical Meeting Rome, ITALY

  • 30th September-3rdOctober 2009, Gastein Health Forum 2009 Gastein, AUSTRIA

  • The BIRO project has been nominated by a high profile evaluation committee among the the best six initiatives "in more than one European country that have contributed in a clear and significant way to meet challenges in public health and to ameliorating disparities in health services provision within Europe"

  • 18th-22nd October 2009, 20th IDF World Diabetes Congress Montreal, CANADA

  • The abstract entitled "Monitoring diabetes outcomes across Europe, and beyond: the EU DG SANCO funded EUBIROD project" was presented by F.Carinci on behalf of the EUBIROD Consortium. Prof. M.Massi Benedetti and F.Carinci attended the meeting

  • 2nd-4thMay 2009, First EUBIROD Annual Meeting and First BIRO Academy Residential Course, KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT

  • The Dasman Center for Research and Treatment of Diabetes hosted the first Residential Course of BIRO Academy. Representatives from all EUBIROD Countries attended lecture and practical sessions about the BIRO approach and its implementation

  • 18th March 2009, participation at INFODAY 2009, LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG

  • EUBIROD Coordinating Centre was invited at the information day on the 2009 Call for Proposals of the EC's public health programme

  • 29th-30th November 2008, EUBIROD Kickoff Meeting, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

    G. Dargent, Project Officer at EAHC, presented the Public Health Programme and the expectations of the European Commission regarding EUBIROD Project results

    F. Carinci (UNIPG) described the general objectives of the Project, the expected results and the Project perspectives: sustainability of EUBIROD activities; modalities for the extension of the Consortium and the inclusion of new data providers. Each work package leader presented the scheduled activities

    The Consortium discussed about how to effectively disseminate the Project results among stakeholders; action lines for the organization of the BIRO Academy, the First Residential Course and the training activity were defined.