Outputs produced in collaboration
with international organizations

European Union (EU)
Scoping Paper on Health Information

December 2013

Health for the EU in 33 Success Stories

September 2012

EU Report on Major and Chronic Diseases

April 2008

International Diabetes Federation (IDF)
IDF Diabetes Atlas 4th Edition

September 2009

International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement (ICHOM)
Standard Set for Diabetes

December 2018

EU Projects and Consortia
CHRODIS Report on National Diabetes Plans

March 2016

PARENT Guidelines on Patient Registries

October 2015

EUROREACH Project Review, Poster

August 2011

Final Report of the EUGLOREH Project. The status of health in the European Union: Towards a Healthier Europe Chapter 5.4. Diabetes

October 2008

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Diabetes Chapter in Health at a Glance 2017

October 2017

Definitions for Health Care Quality Indicators 2017

December 2016

Health Data Governance

October 2015

Health Information Infrastructure

April 2013

European Diabetes Leadership Forum 2012

April 2012

World Health Organization (WHO)
Follow-Up Meeting to the Tallinn Charter

October 2013