This is the LAST STABLE version of the complete EUBIROD software used in 2012 to conduct on field analysis from all available diabetes data sources in the network.
Please note that this system is not maintained anymore, but is available for testing with the User Guide. Being fully open source (licensed with the EUPL License), it can be also adapated to your particular needs. However, it is hard coded for diabetes and it would require extensive edits to be adapted to other diseases.
A sample of the BIRO Report delivered by BIROX is provided here.

Please follow the FOUR steps below before installing the software:

Step 1. Download The BIRO System 2010 (BIROX 0.5.1)

To download the full distribution of BIRO running on all platforms please choose one of the following options and follow all instructions:

============ OPTION 1: SPLIT IN SEVERAL ZIP FILES ============

Download BIROX0.5.1 file 001(500Mb)

Download BIROX0.5.1 file 002(500Mb)

Download BIROX0.5.1 file 003(500Mb)

Download BIROX0.5.1 file 004(500Mb)

Download BIROX0.5.1 file 005(190Mb)

To proceed with install, you
MUST download ALL of them AND run the following application on file 001:

7-zip (Windows, Linux, other platforms)

================== OPTION 2: ALL IN ONE FILE ==================

Download BIROX0.5.1 (2.1 Gb)

To proceed with install, you must unzip this file first. If you experience problems unzipping the file, please install and use one of the following applications:

Tugzip (Windows)

7-zip (Windows, Linux, other platforms)


Please note that the size of the resulting .vdi file will be 5Gb: so, make sure you have enough space available and don't panic if unzip is taking a long time!

All the previous BIRO versions are considered deprecated and will not be supported anymore.

Step 2. Download Oracle Virtual Box

Download binaries of Oracle Virtual Box for your Operating System here (75Mb).

Step 3. Download The BIROBox User Guide (November 2010)

The BIROBox Guide (November 2010) is available here(4.8Mb)..

Step 4. Read The BIROBox User Guide

Open The BIROBox User Guide PDF and follow all instructions to install and run the BIROBox under the BIROX distribution.

How to Request Support

Send email to:, choosing ONE of the following Subjects:

[BIRO support – Download] for problems in obtaining the software

[BIRO support – Install & Update] for ALL installation and update problems, including usage of the Virtual Box (e.g. setting Shared Folder, USB, etc)

[BIRO support – BIROX] for ALL problems related to using the BIROX operating system (not including the BIROBox)

[BIRO support – Configuration] for all problems of Configuration of the BIROBox, including Setup, Working Directories, Creating new Configurations and Validating them.

[BIRO support – Data Definitions] for problems related to using the Definitions adopted for variable to be included in the BIRO dataset (specifications, ranges, etc)

[BIRO support – Input Data] for specific Input problems of the Database Engine: using and Mapping Input Data to the BIRO specifications

[BIRO support – Import Data] for specific Output problems of the Database Engine: data quality check, inspection routines and importing local data to the BIRO database

[BIRO support – Statistical Engine Run] for problems related to running the Statistical Engine (e.g. specifications, aborted jobs).

[BIRO support – Statistical Reports] for problems related to locating and interpreting the BIRO reports.