A Shared Evidence-based Diabetes Information System

An active collaboration fulfilling the EU Parliament resolution for the systematic data collection and monitoring of diabetes complications and health outcomes across Europe.

Our current primary goal is to implement a sustainable European Diabetes Register through the coordination of existing national/regional frameworks and the systematic use of the BIRO technology.

Members of the EUBIROD Network include governmental, academic and private organization agreeing to advocate for a global data collection on diabetes.

As their best independent choice, partners commit to connect using a system that automatically generates local statistical reports and safely collects aggregate data to produce international reports of diabetes indicators.

The results can be used to develop recommendations for policy makers and to deliver prompt information to people with diabetes and all citizens.

The EUBIROD report includes indicators based on clinical records collected across Europe, sharing the same European standardized data definitions as well as the statistical routines and transmission formats made available through the BIRO software.

The BIRO system allows complete interoperability without interphering with the local organization. In other terms, each EUBIROD Diabetes Report, whether produced by one or more centres, is by definition entirely comparable across the whole collaboration.

Each centre, through using the BIRO system, can produce own report independently, publish results on own website and repeat the procedure whenever convenient.

The system is licensed under the European Public License (EUPL) and is freely available for general use, meaning that is already functional to be customised for any type of application, particularly those aimed at the production of statistical indicators using distributed data processing from the local provider up to the international level.